Our customers appreciate the predictable quality of our products and services, as well as the competence of each of our team-members. It is our ambition to undertake all efforts possible to build with our customers a durable trust and a productive cooperation. We have earned our credibility through our competence and commitment to quality.


Over 15 years of building up knowledge and experience in contributing to biosecurity and hygiene for Hospitals, Industry, Environment, Farming etc.. provide our organisation with competence and skills. We use this accumulated wealth of science to develop customised concepts and solutions for our clients problems or needs in disinfecting and sanitizing. Inoquest avails itself of German technology, industrial know-how and management in research and production.




Meets the highest standards of hygiene

At Inoquest, we believe innovation is our lifeblood. We seek new approaches and remain curious in all we do. And we continually invest to foster innovation and transform knowledge for generations to come ...products. A high degree of service competence, great innovative drive and a pronounced environmental awarness are the foundations on which the excellent reputation of our company and our products is based throughout the world.

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